2013 District Leadership Conference

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Join us for AAF University – the 2013 District 3 Leadership Conference

August 9-11 in Raleigh, NC

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Registration fees are just $225 per member
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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Remember to book your hotel rooms by
5 pm Wednesday, July 17, to receive the specially discounted conference rate.

What to Bring:

Your club by-laws (for Law 101)
Your laptop (for Virtual Executive Director)
Contact info for the best speakers you’ve hosted in recent years (for Sociology 101)
Contact info for the best ADDY judges you’ve hosted in recent years (for Sociology 101)
Your AAF-U school spirit!

Conference Schedule*:

2:00p – 3:30p, District 3 Executive Committee Meeting (For D3 Executive Committee members)
3:30p – 5:30p, Registration Open
4:00p – 5:30p, Club President 101 (For all incoming club presidents)
5:30p – 5:45p, Official Opening (For everyone)
5:45p – 6:45p, Keynote with Allison Robins  (For Everyone)
6:45p – 7:00p, Welcome to AAF University (For Everyone)
7:05p – 8:30p, Welcome Dinner (For everyone)
8:30p – 9:30p, Team Building and Networking
9:30p – until, Hospitality Suite Open

7:30a, Registration Open/Continental Breakfast
8:30a – 10:00a, D3 Leadership Business Meeting (For everyone)
10:05a – 11:00a, Communicating Value Proposition of AAF featuring Joanne Schecter (For everyone)
11:00a – 11:30a, Board Recruitment and Succession Planning
11:00a – 11:30a, Club Communications and Social Media 101
11:30a – 12:00p, New Member Recruiting
11:30a – 12:00p, Club Accounting 101
12:00p – 12:30p Break/Networking
12:30p – 2:00p Lunch Program – How to Create an Effective Board Retreat
2:05p – 2:35p, D3 Quality Club Initiative Updates
2:05p – 2:35p, Sociology 200 – Speaker and Idea Exchange
2:45p – 3:15p, ADDY 101
2:45p – 3:15p, Government Relations
3:15p – 3:25p, Break
3:25p – 4:45p, Virtual Executive Director Workshop
4:50p – 5:30p, Fundraising 201
4:50p – 5:30p, Law 101
4:50p – 5:30p, Diversity 221
5:30p – 6:30p, Break
6:30p – 9:00p, Dinner/AAF Rush
9:00p – until, Networking

9:00a – 11:00a
Idea Exchange Roundtables
Advertising Education
Silver Medal
Government Relations
Ad 2
Membership Development
Public Service
Club Achievement

*Times and topics subject to change

(c) 2012 AAF District 3