Governor’s Update – April 2016

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Dear Fellow D3 AAF Brethren,

It has been a whirlwind year so far with lots of activity going on.  As we take a breath before the end of your club year and ADMERICA, let’s look at some of the great things going on in our district.  Between AAAward galas, club achievement books, NSAC and the AES fund drive, everyone should be a little exhausted.

Most AA Award competitions and galas at the club level were done by the end of February.  By most accounts, clubs saw an average of an 8% increase in entries in the district compared to an increase of 3% nationally.  A big shout out to Triangle Ad Fed who saw an increase in entries of 40.7% and have been one of the top ten clubs nationally that will receive an incentive award which includes two members getting trips and registration to this year’s ADMERICA conference in Anaheim, CA.

Only a couple of short weeks after the galas, club achievement books were due to the national AAF office.  I am proud to say that 4 of our clubs had books place in the national competition.

AAF Midlands                   

1st Place Public Service

3rd Place Programs

AAF Roanoke

1st Place Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives

3rd Place Public Service

3rd Place Advertising Education

AAF Greenville 

1st Place Government Relations

2nd Place Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives

3rd Place Advertising Education

Triangle Ad Fed

3rd Place Programs

3rd Place Membership

In addition AAF Roanoke also is a Mosaic Award winner in the multicultural student category for its “Adscape: Explore the Landscape of Advertising” program.

AAF District 3 also just hosted its National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) in Raleigh in conjunction with the district spring board meeting. Amanda Longo did a great job with her team of running the completion in which 9 schools participated and one came as an observer. We were excited to have VCU Brandcenter as a sponsor and appreciate their presence as well.  The University of Virginia emerged as the winner and will advance to the next round of competition.  We wish them good luck and hope to see them again in Anaheim.  We were excited to have them present to those in attendance at the board meeting and were amazed at the great work those kids put in.  Remember all of these competitors are future AAF members so make sure you reach out to your local schools for new members.

We are continuing our drive to raise funds for AES.  These funds are used to help fund our NSAC competition.  Our goal is to raise $8,000 and we are over halfway there so please say “Yes to AES”!  We are one of the few districts that do not charge schools to participate in NSAC and we want to continue that.

At our board meeting, we covered all of the committee reports and saw ourselves in good financial standing this year.  We also nominated district officers for next year.  These nominations are open until the district meeting in Anaheim and the slate will be voted upon at that time.  The nominations are as follows:

District Chair: David Campbell

District Governor: Chris Dodd

Lieutenant Governor: Jeremy Bise

Secretary/Treasurer: Megan Telencio

Virginia Governor: Elana Todt

North Carolina Governor: Jessica Eure

South Carolina: Tiffany Andrews

And last but not least, it was reported that the district conference will be held August 12-14, 2016 in Asheville, NC.  Details will be forthcoming but please mark your calendars and make sure to include in your budgets enough to bring as many board members as possible.  This is the best time to energize your board and to share ideas with other clubs’ officers.

Right after the district meeting, I attended the national council of governor’s (COG) meeting and the national AAF board meeting.  Our district should be proud in the Shelley Magee will become next year’s COG chair and Margaret Gregory will become the Eastern Region Chair. Our district should be proud to see its members continue to serve in all levels of the AAF.

Thank you for all you do for AAF and I hope to see you at ADMERICA.



2016 NSAC Winner Announced

The District 3 NSAC winning team is…..

The University of Virginia!

Thank you to all of the NSAC judges, volunteers and students for an unforgettable experience in Raleigh, NC.


Overall Standings

2.  Washington & Lee University

3.  Liberty University

4.  James Madison University

5.  Clemson Uiversity

6.  University of North Carolina

7.  Appalachian State University

8.  University of South Carolina

9.  Bob Jones University


Additional Awards Presented

Best Research – Washington & Lee University

Best Book – Liberty University

Best Presenter – Katie Clinebell with Liberty University


2016 Club Achievement Winners Announced


The 2016 Club of the Year Award Winners:

Division 1             AAF Louisville

Division 2             AAF Houston

Division 3             AAF Omaha

Division 4 (tie)     AAF Central Minnesota

AAF Tampa Bay

Division 5             Ad 2 Tampa Bay


District 3 Club Achievement Winners:

AAF Midlands                    1st Place Public Service

3rd Place Programs

AAF Roanoke                     1st Place Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives

3rd Place Public Service and Advertising Education

AAF Greenville                  1st Place Government Relations

2nd Place Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives

3rd Place Advertising Education

Triangle  AdFed                 3rd Place Programs and Membership

2016 District 3 American Advertising Award Winners Announced


ROANOKE, VA – District Three of The American Advertising Federation announced the American Advertising Award winners on March 22, 2016, recognizing work in the industries of advertising, marketing, public relations, photography, graphic design and related fields from agencies, businesses and individuals doing business in the Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina district as well as college students studying for those related fields.

Judging took place in Roanoke, Va. The three out-of-market judges were:

Judges chose winners from approximately 200 professional entries and close to 100 student entries including online, electronic device application, broadcast and print entries. Of those entries, 16 gold ADDY Awards and 28 silver ADDY Awards were presented to professionals, 9 gold and 12 silver ADDY Awards were presented to students. Entries were judged by a 3-judge panel for their creativity, originality and strategy.

  • HMH Agency of Charlotte, North Carolina of AAF Charlotte merited Best of Show Honors “Palmetto Bluff Savannah Airport Takeover”.
  • Liberty University Student Noelia Alvarado of AAF-Roanoke merited Best of Show Student Honors for her “Imagine the Adventures Campaign”.
  • Two individual Student Judges Choice went to Paul N Gartner from Redford University (AAF Roanoke) for “Mug Hard Root Beer” and Morgan P. Holcomb from Anderson University (AAF Greenville) for “Bleep. The One Handed Bandage”

Following is a complete list of the District 3 American Advertising Award winners by club:

AAF Asheville (Asheville, NC)

  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Highwater Clays Poster Campaign” by Big Bridge Design (Poster Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Lego Worlds” by Angry Bear (Microsites)

AAF Coastal Carolinas (Myrtle Beach, SC)

  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Berkeley County Library” by Adams Outdoor Advertising (Out-Of-Home Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Archarios” by Ashley Loper from Coastal Carolina University (Magazine Design)

AAF Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)

  • Gold ADDY® Award and Best of Show ADDY® Award for “Palmetto Bluff Savannah Airport Takeover” by HMH Agency (Single Installation)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “RSM ‘Gauntlet’” by Luquire George Andrews (Cinematography)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “The Plaid Penguin Brand Promotion” by The Plaid Penguin (Advertising Industry Self Promotion Integrated Campaign)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Uncharted Waters” by Wray Ward (Art Direction)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Palmetto Bluff Local Ad Campaign” by HMH Agency (Newspaper Advertising)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Uncharted Waters” by Wray Ward       (Cinematography)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Uncharted Waters” by Wray Ward (Online/Interactive Campaign)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Palmetto Bluff’s The Bluff Online Spring / Spring 2015” by Mythic (Digital Publications)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Leadercast – Malala Yousafzai Intro” by Caravan (Single Spot – Any Length)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “birdsong gregory Holiday Client Gift” by birdsong Gregory (Direct Marketing & Specialty Advertising)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “RSM ‘Gauntlet’” by Luquire George Andrews (Video Editing)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Pecha Kucha Charlotte Presentation” by Wray Ward (Public Service Ambient Media)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Sheetz New Coffee Launch” by Tattoo Projects (Consumer Campaign-National)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “2015 American Advertising Awards: Become the Chosen” by Mythic (Advertising Industry Self Promotion Integrated Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Lowes Foods – Carolina Food Bizarre” by The Variable (Single Event)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Sunshine – 4-pack Packaging” by The Variable (Single Unit)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Fear Foods” by Giselle Ivette Hernandez from Public University (Single Platform)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Permanent Culture” by Charles William Glade (Integrated Brand Identity Campaign)

AAF Greenville (Greenville, SC)

  • Student Gold (Judges Choice) ADDY® Award for “Bleep. The One Handed Bandage” by Morgan P. Holcomb from Anderson University (Packaging)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Urbivor” by Sarah Grace Kivett from Anderson University (Logo Design)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Anomalie” by Sophie Grace Brendle (Stationary Package)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Penguin Classic Book Covers” by Josie Maszk from The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University (Publication Design, Series)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Ivy Leaves Journal of Literature & Art” by Rebekah Rhoden from The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University (Magazine Design)

AAF Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads, VA)

  • Gold ADDY® Award            for “Discover Alberta” by Ironclad (Cinematography)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “EH Gourmet” by Meridian Group (Packaging Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Able Women Anthem” by BCF (Public Service Online Film, Video & Sound)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Discover Alberta” by Ironclad (Single Spot – Any Length)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Welcome To The Lowcountry” by Lanpher Productions (Still Photography Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Bug Fest Poster” by Michael Watts from Old Dominion University (Poster, Single)

AAF of the Midlands (Columbia, SC)

  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Revo Spinning Reel Website” by Cyberwoven (Microsites)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Certified SC Grown” by Chernoff Newman (Websites, Consumer)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Equipment Demo” by Chernoff Newman (Single entry – more than :60 seconds)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Photo illustration” by Tynetta Cohen from South University Columbia (Art Direction)

Triangle AdFed (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC)

  • Gold ADDY® Award for “AE Wanted” by Immortology LLC (Copywriting)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “Peavey amplifies business intelligence” by Red Hat (Cinematography)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “The Scratch Made Daily: 2016 NC Public Power Calendar by ElectriCities of NC, Inc. (Flat – Single)
  • Gold ADDY® Award for “The Scratch Made Daily Photography Campaign” by ElectriCities of NC, Inc. (Still Photography Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Print Campaign” by Immortology LLC (Magazine Advertising Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Conniption Gin Packaging” by Clean Design (Packaging Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Carolina Ballet 2015-16 Season Campaign” by Christer Berg // Photography (Still Photography Campaign)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Peavey amplifies business intelligence” by Red Hat (Single Spot – Any Length)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Peavey amplifies business intelligence” by Red Hat (Video Editing)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “The Scratch Made Daily: 2016 NC Public Power Calendar” by ElectriCities of NC, Inc. (Copywriting)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Barry Lockman” by ElectriCities of NC, Inc. (Still Photography – Color, Single)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Tarot” by Natalia Weedy Photography (Direct Marketing & Specialty Advertising)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “’Death’ from The Tarot Series” by Natalia Weedy Photography (Still Photography – Digitally Enhanced, Single)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “The Scratch Made Daily: 2016 NC Public Power Calendar” by ElectriCities of NC, Inc. (Art Direction)

AAF Roanoke (Roanoke, VA)

  • Silver ADDY® Award for “CCC Christmas Card – Observation Car” by Corrugated Container Corporation (Special Event Materials)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Change Your Perspective Posters” by Neathawk Dubuque & Packett (Illustration – Series)
  • Silver ADDY® Award for “Universal Fibers Seal Ad” by Neathawk Dubuque & Packett (Art Direction)
  • Student Gold and Student Best of Show ADDY® Award for “Imagine the Adventures Campaign” by Noelia Alvarado from Liberty University (Magazine Advertising Campaign)
  • Student Gold (Judges Choice) ADDY® Award for “Mug Hard Root Beer” by Paul N Gartner from Radford University (Packaging)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “RoadKit” by Frederic Mitchell from Liberty University (Mobile or Web-Based App)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Klines Dairy Bar Poster Series” by Rachel Woolard from Liberty University (Poster Series, Campaign)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Say What You Mean: Poster Campaign” by Alex Morris, Emily Byrd, Shiona Clark from Liberty University (Outdoor & Transit Advertising Campaign)
  • Student Gold ADDY® Award for “Just my Type” by Janai Blowers from Virginia Tech (Publication Design, Cover)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Brewvita Logo” by Frederic Mitchell from Liberty University (Logo Design)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Brewvita Poster Campaign” by Frederic Mitchell from Liberty University (Poster Campaign)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Wrap Magazine” by Daniel Kagan from Virginia Tech (Publication Design, Series)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Denali, Handcrafted Alaskan Goods” by Dustin Phelps from Liberty University (Packaging)
  • Student Silver ADDY® Award for “Low Poly Illustration” by Sierra Clonch from Liberty University (Illustration, Single)

The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition for creative excellence. The three-tier national competition is conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, advertising’s largest industry association and the only one to represent the interests of all facets of advertising: advertisers, agencies, suppliers and media. The AAF is based in Washington, D.C. and has more than 40,000 members through 200 local advertising clubs. For more information visit

AAF District 3 is a regional market affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association with more than 40,000 members. AAF District 3 represents clubs in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and is dedicated to serving members by protecting and advancing advertising interests, including the freedom to truthfully advertise legal products. The organization serves as the area’s unified voice for advertising and is comprised of local professionals who work in advertising, marketing and public relations. For more information, please visit

The AAF Announces Multicultural Advertising & Media Award Honorees


HBO, AT&T and Wieden+Kennedy among those to be honored at the Mosaic Awards in Anaheim, CA.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 21, 2016—Companies and individuals who have created cutting edge content that offers a voice to multicultural communities and corporate initiatives that promote inclusion in the workplace will be recognized at the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) 2016 Mosaic Awards. Since its inception in 2001, the Mosaic Awards have been an extension of the AAF’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, promoting and honoring content that has paved new paths and broken through barriers to diversity in advertising and media. This year will mark the debut of the Mosaic Media Image Award category.

The Mosaic Media Image Awards will recognize individuals and companies that create and promote media content that presents a broad, realistic spectrum of multicultural life that extends beyond stereotypical portrayals. Creative Artists Agency (CAA) will serve as presenting sponsor for the category this year.

“The AAF shares CAA’s commitment to supporting content that is reflective of the world in which we live and ensuring more opportunities for diverse talent to tell their stories,” said the agency’s Head of Diversity, Ryan Tarpley. “We are proud to be a part of honoring those who are united in making our business more inclusive of multicultural and female voices.”

The AAF will honor the following campaigns, industry leaders and programs at the 2016 Mosaic Awards on June 5:

Mosaic Awards

Multicultural Advertising Campaign
Campaign: “Moving Money For Better, Internationally”
Agency: Gravity Media
Client: Western Union

Campaign: “La Chingona”
Agency: Richards/Lerma
Client: Pizza Patrón

Multicultural Traditional Media Usage
Campaign: “Seeing Stars”
Agency: Sanders\Wingo
Client: AT&T

Multicultural Digital Campaign
Campaign: “American Dream Sweepstakes”
Agency: The Quirk Creative
Client: Western Union

Multicultural Talent in Advertising
Campaign: “Rose From Concrete”
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Client: Powerade

Multicultural Students Program
Agency/Company: AAF Roanoke
Program: Adscape: Explore the Landscape of Advertising

Workforce Inclusion
Agency: BBDO New York
Program: The BBDO Creative Residency

Student Multicultural
Advertising Campaign
Campaign: “Hear the World From Your Spot”
Student: Kelsey Collie
School: Lindenwood University
Client: Spotify

Supplier Diversity
Agency: DDB Worldwide
Program: Diversity + Creativity Partners Program


Mosaic Media Image Awards

Game Changer Award
Title: “Pepsi + Empire”
Network: Fox
Brand: Pepsi
Agencies: OMD, The Content Collective, BBDO, Wasserman, The Barbarian Group, PMK*BNC

Long-Form Media Award
Title: “East of Main Street”
Media Type: Documentary
Network: HBO

Advocacy Media Award
Title: “Black Is Human–If I Grow Up”
Media Type: YouTube & Facebook Video
Agency: Burrell

Media Champion
Lucinda Martinez
Senior Vice President
Multicultural Marketing

Lifetime Achievement in Media
Carmen J. Smith
Executive Creative Development
& Inclusive Strategies
Walt Disney Imagineering


This year’s Mosaic Awards will take place at the Disneyland Hotel & Resort on June 5 in conjunction with the AAF’s National Conference, ADMERICA. Each year, top thought leaders in the advertising and media industry convene for this program to connect with their peers and demonstrate their company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“Honoring those who are working to create both campaigns and a workforce that best reflects the myriad of cultures in our country is essential to one day making it the norm,” says Brandon Rochon, Managing Chief Creative Officer at Kastner & Partners and 2016 Mosaic Awards judge.

For nearly two decades, creating an inclusive industry has been a priority of the AAF. The Mosaic Awards are a part of the AAF’s Mosaic Center, a resource and advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion within the advertising industry. To help the advertising and media industry reflect the evolving cultural makeup of the United States, the AAF has committed a substantial portion of its resources to implementing a myriad of programs that promote and advance multiculturalism within the industry.

For more information on the Mosaic Awards, please visit the AAF’s website,, or contact Kai Jones Weidie at To learn more about ADMERICA, please

2016 Advertising Hall of Fame Honorees Announced

The Ad Council, TBWA\Worldwide, Leo Burnett Worldwide, Sedelmaier Films, GSD&M, Condé Nast, Wieden+Kennedy Among Those Honored

Washington, DC (Nov. 20, 2015)—Elected by the Advertising Hall of Fame’s distinguished Council of Judges, the American Advertising Federation announced this year’s “magnificent seven” to be inducted into the 2016 Class of the Advertising Hall of Fame.

The Advertising Hall of Fame recognizes the most accomplished and legendary figures in advertising, bringing together the industry to celebrate at one of the biggest nights in advertising. The 67th Advertising Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies & Gala Dinner will be held the evening of Monday, April 11, 2016, in the Grand Ballroom of New York’s historic Waldorf=Astoria hotel.

“Our Hall of Fame Council of Judges, composed of leaders of advertising and media, advertisers and distinguished Hall of Fame members, was deeply committed to choosing men and women of legendary stature and achievement,” said John B. Osborn, President and CEO of BBDO New York and Chairman of the Advertising Hall of Fame.

This year’s honorees include: Peggy Conlon, Former President and CEO, The Ad Council; Jean-Marie Dru, Chairman, TBWA Agency Network; Carla R. Michelotti, Former Executive Vice President, Chief, Legal Government, Corporate Affairs Officer, Leo Burnett Worldwide; Joe Sedelmaier, Director/Producer/President, Sedelmaier Film Productions;Roy Spence, Co-Founder and Chairman, GSD&M; Charles H. Townsend, CEO, Condé Nast; Dan Wieden, Co-Founder + Chairman, Wieden+Kennedy.

Peggy Conlon will also be presented with the distinguished David Bell Award for Industry Service, awarded to recognize extraordinary and unique contributions and service to the advertising community and industry as a whole. The award is named in honor of David Bell (Hall of Fame Class of 2007), a visionary leader and mentor to several generations of advertising professionals.

Wenda Harris Millard, President and COO, MediaLink, and Vice Chair of the Advertising Hall of Fame added, “This extraordinary Class of 2016 epitomizes advertising’s lasting impact over time continuing through today, inspiring many more generations to come.”

For more information on the Advertising Hall of Fame, please contact the AAF at or (202) 898-0089.

Governor’s Update November 2015

Gov-featured-image 2015

Dear Fellow AAF D3 Colleagues,

By now everyone should be well into the swing of things.  You should have a good feel for your membership numbers and with several programs under your belt, the kinks should be worked out. With the AAAwards just around the corner, the focus should be shifting toward increasing entries and the planning of a successful gala.  This year, with the category changes and the new software developed by OpenWater, there is a great deal to communicate to our members and I encourage you to be doing so early and often.  Now is a great time to reach out to your membership and create the excitement of entering the awards show.  Hopefully with the new categories, we can access new entrants that haven’t entered before or those who may not have entered in a while.  You also have the opportunity to add special awards that can be localized and may give members an increased chance of receiving an award at the local level..  For most clubs, this is one of the most important sources of revenue, so by early planning and promotion you can make this your most successful year.

I just returned from the AAF National board meeting along with the D3 Lieutenant Governor, Chris Dodd, and one of the big focal points is the continuing growth of student entries in the American Advertising Awards. One of the most successful tips for doing this is by visiting your local college faculty members and educating them on the process.  Some clubs were seeing up to 500 student entries in their awards show. This can help turn your awards into a huge success. Most of you should have already registered into the OpenWater system by now.  An additional opportunity for revenue this year is the availability of personalized ADDY® awards for winners.  Any ADDY® award winner could order their own trophy and clubs can receive $40 per award.  There will also be a national campaign to showcase the prestige of the awards.  For example, 40,000 entries are judged through a three-tiered judging system which makes winning a national ADDY® one of the most difficult feats to achieve in
our industry.

Another goal this year is to help improve the judging process.  AAF National will be working on a judging database and a way to rate judges to ensure a consistent and fair process.

Another item discussed was the ongoing beta testing  for the Engage club software that AAF National will be rolling out next year.  This should make it easier for clubs to invoice and collect dues from its members by channeling it through AAF National.  We will continue to give more information on this as we get it.

On the government relations front, AAF National hopes to have another “Day on the Hill” in 2016.  Clubs are encouraged to find local sponsors to raise the money needed to fund the “Day on the Hill” event.  Sponsorships from $1,000 – $5,000 are available to corporate members.  Some of the biggest issues concerning our industry include ad blockers, ad taxes, and restrictions on the deductibility of advertising expenses.  If you hear of local or state issues that you face, share them with us and the D3 government relations chair, Tiffany Andrews.

For those of you who were at ADmerica, you heard talk of an Eastern Region conference.  This was mentioned in conversation again but not as an agenda item. While we are not opposed to one, we would not let it replace our D3 Leadership Conference because we firmly believe that the district conference is best geared toward the support of club board members and the networking opportunities with other chairs helps them become better equipped at being successful in their roles.
Following this brief update, I hope everyone is continuing to have a successful year and please don’t hesitate to reach out to the D3 Leadership Team for help or to send suggestions.  We are all in the same boat and working toward the same goals.

Thank you for all you do for AAF and I look forward to our most successful year.


Governor’s Update September 2015

Gov-featured-image 2015

Dear fellow D3 AAF Colleagues,

This year is off to a great start. The District 3 Board received a lot of positive feedback from many of the attendees at the D3 Leadership Conference in August, making it one of our best conferences to date. The conference committee did a great job of planning and organizing a great program that was highlighted by Andy Azula, Executive Creative Director at the Martin Agency. We had over 20 first time attendees along with representatives from almost every club, who finally got to find out why all of the other districts think so highly about D3. I hope everyone made good connections and feel confident in reaching out to one another for help.

By now, all clubs have had their Kick Off events, are signing up members and are planning for the American Advertising Awards lurking around the corner. This year’s focus is on club strength, which includes a goal of increasing both membership and American Advertising Award entries by five percent. Revenue from both membership dues and American Advertising Awards entries makes up the majority of funds for our clubs.  Therefore, club leadership should continue to focus on membership recruitment and promoting the local awards competition.

AAF National has implemented a number of changes in the categories for the awards this year, which you will find in the Professional and Student Rules and Categories on the National website as well as on the D3 Committee Facebook page. It is never too early to begin to communicate category revisions to your members to generate interest in participating in the American Advertising Awards.  This will help increase the entries and add to successful galas and clubs.

I want to also thank the 2015-2016 D3 Chair, Ace Evans, for his dedication as last year’s Governor his efforts in preparing the District for this upcoming year. During his tenure as Governor, he led the district to an overall increase in membership and to a secure financial position despite a decline in NSAC entries.

With an ambitious group of District Board and Committee Chairs slated for the year, I am very excited to collaborate with each club and witness all the energy and creativity. Thank you for all that your clubs do for AAF and I look forward to keeping this momentum going.



Revised Categories for the American Advertising Awards Revealed


This year, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and the National American Advertising Awards Committee (N3AC) has announced major revisions to the Categories for the American Advertising Awards (AAAwards). Here are the main things you’ll need to know:


  • ALL key categories still remain
  • Many great new categories added
  • Advertising for the Arts & Sciences eliminated
  • Public Service categories redistributed
  • Advertising Industry Self Promotion categories redistributed
  • The 15 categories have been narrowed down to 7

What does this mean? It means communicating this information to your members, past entrants and potential entrants is extremely important! Past entrants will need to know about all these new changes, as they’ve probably grown accustomed to the old categories.

Here are the 2015-2016 Rules & Categories to share with your members and potential entrants:

All AAAwards Resources from National can be found here.

National has also announced that Open Enrollment to setup the software for your club has begun! All District 3 Club Presidents and AAAwards chairs have been notified on how to begin this process. If you have any questions or concerns please email me and I’ll help you with the process!

Here’s to a successful awards year!!!

– Danielle Salley, District 3 AAAwards Co-Chair

2015 District 3 Leadership Conference Highlights


Another successful District 3 Leadership Conference commenced this past weekend in Bristol, VA, thanks to AAF SWVA and our D3 sponsors.  The D3 Board and all of the attendees would like to thank Photoelectric and Chris Brank Films once again for their documentation of our event and the resulting highlight reels.

Day 1: Keynote Speaker and VIP Games


Day 2: Information Sessions and Saturday Night Social


Join us for the 2016 D3 Leadership Conference
CLICK HERE for all the more information.

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