2021 Governor’s Update

Well, we made it. In the face of adversity, our local clubs persevered and made it through an incredibly tough, virtual year.

In 2020, a global pandemic forced us to evolve and adapt to a new normal. EVOLVE was the theme for our District 3 Virtual Leadership Conference. Under Tiffany Andrews’ leadership, we taught clubs how to adjust their membership structures, budget for a virtual year and figure out what it meant for their biggest events, like the American Advertising Awards.

In 2021, we became stronger leaders and clubs. We’ve evolved and adapted to all the curveballs 2020 threw at us. I think we are all sick of seeing our own faces during Zoom meetings; hearing the words “unprecedented” and “uncertain”; and not knowing what day it is because we’ve worked from home for so long.

We will gather in person at our annual District 3 Leadership Conference in Raleigh next month for the first time since our 2019 conference in Columbia. EVOLVED is our theme, which incorporates AAF National’s new branding and the forward momentum of the American Advertising Federation as a whole. We hope you will make plans to join us, as we have some exciting events planned and some special visitors planning to join us.

With a new board of directors, we look forward to the challenges the new year brings, and the guidance two of our former governors provide in their roles as Vice Chair of the Council of Governors (Danielle Salley) and Chair of the American Advertising Awards Committee (David Campbell).

I want to especially thank Danielle, David, Tiffany and our entire District board for their hard work during the past year. Our “Small but Mighty” district has big plans for 2021-2022 and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Lenza Jolley
AAF District 3 Governor