Congratulations to the District 3 Award Winners

(April 11, 2023)

AAF District 3 of the American Advertising Federation is excited to announce the award winners at the District level of the American Advertising Awards. Gold ADDY® winners will automatically be forwarded to compete in the National Advertising Awards competition. Entrants who received Silver ADDY® Awards have the option to pay to forward their entries. Judges were asked to review a combined total of 194 professional and student entries which were forwarded by the local AAF Clubs held in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Of the professional and student entries the following amount of awards were presented: 14 Gold ADDY® Awards and 15 Silver ADDY® Awards and 5 Student Gold ADDY® Awards and 6 Student Silver ADDY® Awards.

Best of Show

Caravan of Charlotte, NC was awarded Best of Show honors for the “All Hail Mom” – Internet Commercial

2023 District 3 Advertising Award Competition Winners

AAF Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) – 12 Awards

  • BEST of SHOW & Gold ADDY Award: Caravan – All Hail Mom (Internet Commercial)
  • GOLD: Wray Ward – Harpeth Heights Brand Collateral
  • GOLD: Wray Ward – Own Your Craft (Invitation)
  • GOLD: nez&pez – LinkedIn Celebration Hack (Social Media Campaign)
  • GOLD: Wray Ward – Novel Harpeth Heights (Brochure)
  • SILVER: HMH Agency – eCascadia Switch Videos (TV Commercial)
  • SILVER: BooneOakley – Pizza Inn (Brand Identity Campaign)
  • SILVER: Caravan – A Story of Hope (Online Film; Video & Sound)
  • SILVER: HMH Agency – eCascadia Video Brochure (Film/Video/Sound Branded Content)
  • SILVER: Rebrand Media – John Lewis Young Leaders Intro (Internet Commercial)
  • SILVER: Spiracle Media – A Reel Legend (Webisode)

Triangle AdFed (Raleigh-Durham, NC) – 10 Awards

  • GOLD: Creature Theory – Southbound Brewing Can Series (Campaign)
  • GOLD: French | West | Vaughn – The Stories of Pendleton (Cinematography)
  • GOLD: VGCA – Team I Hate Cancer | Hate For Good (Poster Campaign)
  • GOLD: DeBoer Works LLC – Shadow Cocktail Posters
  • GOLD: Walk West – Bib & Tucker Bourbon (Website)
  • SILVER: Amazing Studios – Children’s Flight of Hope (CGI)
  • SILVER: Creature Theory – Mother Earth Spirits (Package Series)
  • SILVER: Creature Theory – Southbound Illustration Series
  • SILVER: Creature Theory – End of Days Luna Bloom Design (Packaging)
  • Student SILVER: John Ratkowiak – Kleenex (Campaign)

AAF Greenville (Greenville, SC) – 3 Awards

  • GOLD: FerebeeLane – Le Creuset Ganache Teaser Video (Animation)
  • Student GOLD: Knoxie Le Roux – Bonhaus German Bakery & Coffee (Typeface Design)
  • Student GOLD: Knoxie Le Roux – Bonhaus German Bakery & Coffee (Packaging)

    AAF Midlands (Columbia, SC) – 7 Awards

    • GOLD: South Carolina Education Lottery – Cash Pop (TV Campaign)
    • GOLD: Chernoff Newman – Ask Your Doctor (TV Commercial)
    • SILVER: South Carolina Education Lottery – It Matters That Much (TV Campaign)
    • SILVER: ABLE vfx – AVNET sizzle (Animation)
    • SILVER: ABLE vfx – CashPop VFX (Animation)
    • Student GOLD: Alex Marinelli – Demo Reel
    • Student SILVER: Sarah Hoffman – II Focolare Pizza (Illustrations)

        AAF Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, VA) – 2 Awards

        • Student SILVER: Fabiana Acosta – Heineken Outdoor Campaign
        • Student SILVER: Ryan Fremeau – Origin Beer Lab Beer Label Designs

        AAF Roanoke (Roanoke, VA) – 7 Awards

        • GOLD: Meaghan Dee – Vote: Keep Them Out (Poster)
        • SILVER: AAF Roanoke – Awards Carrier Amp (Ad Chapter)
        • SILVER: LeadPoint Digital – Taubman Museum of Art (Website)
        • Student GOLD: Tori Fuller – Orzo Roll & Bowl (Logo Design)
        • Student GOLD: Jack Campbell – GOAT More Than Shoes
        • Student SILVER: Brittany Rorrer – Cooking & Cuisine (Illustration)
        • Student SILVER: LU Advertising Team – Meta Quest 2: See You There (Campaign)

        The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition for creative excellence. The three-tier national competition is conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation, advertising’s largest industry association and the only one to represent the interests of all facets of advertising: advertisers, agencies, suppliers and media. The AAF is based in Washington, D.C. and has more than 30,000 members through nearly 165 local advertising clubs. For more information visit

        AAF District 3 is a regional market affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association with more than 30,000 members. AAF District 3 represents clubs in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and is dedicated to serving members by protecting and advancing advertising interests, including the freedom to truthfully advertise legal products. The organization serves as the area’s unified voice for advertising and is comprised of local professionals who work in advertising, marketing and public relations. For more information, please visit